Counter-proposal to the Responsible Business Initiative:

What companies should know now.
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Increased due diligence in supply chains, non-financial reporting for large companies and increased due diligence regarding conflict minerals and child labour: these are the new challenges that large Swiss companies will have to face from 2022.

The vote on 29th November 2020 automatically adopted the indirect counter-proposal to the Corporate Responsibility Initiative. This means that large companies will be subject to a more in-depth due diligence obligation from 2022. They will then have to account for environmental and social issues as well as measures to prevent corruption within the framework of non-financial reporting.

The challenges are enormous. Compliance professionals and decision makers are faced with the question how much additional workload this might trigger and whether their existing processes and tools will be sufficient. Given the complexity of value and supply chains, especially in high-risk countries, companies better start now to assess their supply chain risks and build effective risk management.

For many compliance departments the ‘secret sauce’ will be the smart combination of quality-checked company data with lean tools which ease day-to-day routines rather than making them more complex. This way suppliers and multi-level supply chains can clearly be identified and checked for compliance risks.

In a joint webinar, the renowned law firm Agon Partners will give you a legal overview of the new requirements of the counter-proposal as well as an update on the current state of implementation. Afterwards, Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet and SHS Viveon will present a solution on how data-driven automated processes can support you in mastering the new requirements.


New due diligence obligations of companies to protect people and the environment (counter-proposal to the CCI).

Prof. Dr. Patrick L. Krauskopf & Dr. Fabio Babey, Agon Partners Legal AG

  • Which companies are covered by the new due diligence regulation?
  • Which due diligence obligations are imposed on companies?
  • How you can ensure compliance with the due diligence obligations?
  • What sanctions may be imposed in the event of violations of the law?

Understanding supply chains and uncovering compliance risks

Christin Schmidt, Senior Compliance Consultant, Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd

  • Identication & Verification of supplier
  • Understand beneficial Ownership of your Business Partner
  • Identifying multi-level supply chains through AI
  • How to Identify compliance risks such as corruption, environmental offences, child labour and human rights abuses.

How to streamline Compliance Management without breaking the bank

Thomas Deile, Senior Manager Risk and Compliance, SHS Viveon AG

  • Your business – your rules: how flexible platforms adapt to your processes and not contrarily
  • The end of the email chain for compliance managers: all data in one place
  • Bulletproof compliance decisions: the ‘7-Steps’ compliance wizard
  • How self-learning solutions enable faster and better decisions as you go


Who is the webinar for?

The Webinar is designed for all companies that will be affected by the new law especially companies with mor than 500 employees and balance sheet total over 20 million as well as companies facing high risk of child labour or conflict minerals.


60 Minutes


You can attend free of charge.


Once registered you will receive a confirmation message. Ahead of the training session we also provide login details to join via web and phone as well as a description on how to access the session.

Technical requirements

Once registered you will receive a confirmation message. Ahead of the webinar session we also provide login details to join via web and phone as well as a description on how to access the session.


The webinar will be held in English.


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