MarTech: data and data quality are the key to success

Marketing technology (MarTech) is taking on an important role in digitalisation. But CRM, eShops, marketing automation and CDP are only as good as the data these systems are built on. In this series of articles, I will show why you need to be in control of your data, how to get data into the systems, and what the term CDP stands for. Part one looks at the question of what is more important: data or tools?

The digital revolution is advancing all the time. Demand for the digitalisation of processes is increasing enormously, especially in the marketing sector. One driving force is certainly the ongoing pandemic, but the new ePrivacy regulations and Google's announcement about axing third-party cookies are further horsemen of the apocalypse, as the Marketing Tech Monitor 2021 calls the accelerators of digitalisation

What is needed are technology, tools and systems. Yet you would be wrong to think that purchasing software solves marketing efficiency problems. You wouldn’t buy a kitchen and expect it to do the cooking for you. Fresh ingredients and culinary skills are also necessary, or a cookbook at the very least