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Challenged by the crisis: How you can generate leads with a high conversion rate for the sales area even without events!


The world is struggling with a crisis and many areas of economic life are also affected. Business trips are forbidden, many employees are supposed to stay in their home office and trade fairs and company events are cancelled. If they do take place anyhow, hardly anyone appears. For the sales area, the cancellation of the trade fairs and the low visitor numbers are a disaster, as they also mean that one of the most important lead and order generators for the year is no longer available. What you as a sales manager can do to successfully generate fruitful leads and orders is explained below..

The world is currently in a turbulent phase. Covid-19 and Brexit are only two of the dominant topics of the last months. One of the biggest challenges at the moment is the great uncertainty, and it is precisely this that leads to drastic measures in companies. Travel bans are one extreme, many events cancelled at short notice are the other. This is bad news for marketing and sales in particular. Since the movement radius of the sales staff is also becoming increasingly restricted, in some cases it is no longer possible to travel to potential customers in companies.

The current situation is creating particularly strong pressure on sales to save the year or to resist the particularly difficult conditions and still be successful. For this to work, you as a sales manager have to rethink and break new ground. Your leads must have a particularly high conversion rate.

You need better ways to find these target groups.

One of the most powerful tools for fast leads with high probability of contract conclusion: Smart Data Analytics

Smart Data Analytics generates qualified B2B leads with high conversion rates using machine learning and key terms. What is particularly exciting here is that the keywords can also be highly topical themes. In this way you reach the companies that actually have an acute need and are very likely to buy. And that in the shortest possible time. This allows you to operate much more agile and saves you from making bad investments in leads that are of no use. In addition, you will more quickly uncover opportunities that have so far remained hidden from the competition.

Another advantage: This enables you to generate significantly more leads than at a trade fair. And you don't have to wait for the event either.

Smart Data Analyses feed you with data from different sources. For example, in a combination of company-owned databases and the world's largest database from Dun & Bradstreet. Over 330 million entries are located there. An excellent basis for every lead generation measure.

The advantages of Smart Data Analytics: 
  • It delivers lists of qualified leads within a few weeks.
  • It massively improves the conversion rate in sales and counteracts idle times.
  • You are completely independent of trade fairs and events
  • It brings tangible results in the short term and at the same time makes a long-term contribution to the digitalisation of marketing and sales.

The classic: Twin Analysis (look-a-likes)

Smart Data Analytics is definitely one of the hottest tools currently available in the lead generation toolbox. But also classical methods, such as the Twin Analysis, have proven to be very effective and can be implemented promptly.

The master data is cleaned and enriched in several steps. Wrong addresses or duplicates are thus eliminated. The target group is then defined on this value-added basis.

Which companies could be the ideal customers? What is their size and number of employees? In which industry are they active and what is their annual turnover?

There can be many parameters.

As a final step, this pattern is used as a template for the Twin Analysis to find the companies that fit into your pattern.

The advantages of the Twin Analysis:

  • It brings potentials to light that would otherwise remain hidden
  • It can be implemented quickly and requires no installation or acquisition of a third-party system
  • It also cleans up the master data in the CRM
  • It has been proven for many years.

On the pulse of time

Thanks to modern technology, there are now very effective ways of reliably generating high-quality leads, completely independent of time and place. In the long run, you not only drive cheaper, you are also independent of trade fairs and events. A very potent opportunity for you and your sales team.

And also a necessary step in the direction of digitalising lead processes, because crises will always occur again. Are you ready?

Your crisis-resistant lead generation with Smart Data Analytic

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