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Full cost control: With D&B Credit, there are no unpleasant surprises


Asking yourself with every mouse click whether it entails costs or not is a thing of the past with D&B Credit. It is available with a completely new contract model and introduces something that its predecessor, e-Portfolio, did not offer: the flat fee.

Drawing on unlimited resources in your core area

This is how it works: You define your core area, i.e. the countries or regions in which you do most of your business. The flat fee applies to this core area. This means you get as much information and make as many requests as you need. 

In principle, it’s “all you can eat”.

What kind of information is included? Simply everything that D&B Credit has to offer. This includes information on credit rating, scores, risk assessments and financial data, but also company master data and a “Who is who”. D&B Credit even offers linkage information. This allows you to see which company is related to which others and who belongs to whom. This information helps to identify potential and gives you a better hand in the next negotiations with suppliers. 

User credits for all other regions

If you also conduct business outside your core area, then you understandably have a need for information that goes beyond the flat fee. D&B Credit deals with this by means of so-called user credits. You are allocated a certain number of requests that you can use at no extra cost.

Any over-usage, i.e. making more requests than user credits allocated, will generate additional costs. However, to avoid any unwelcome surprises, Bisnode informs you about your current consumption on a monthly basis.

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Never miss an important piece of information for the wrong reasons again

Imagine not making a simple request just because it costs CHF 100, yet this information would have helped you avoid a loss of CHF 100,000. With the new D&B Credit contract models, you can be sure not to miss out on important information for pointless reasons anymore. Thanks to the flat fee, all requests within your core area are included.

Thanks to the user credits for requests outside your core area, you can rest assured that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises with regard to additional costs.

These two aspects result in a much more carefree use of D&B Credit and, above all, in the fact that no important information escapes you – be it to exploit opportunities or potentials or to avoid losses.