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We have already explained the principles of Working Capital Management and explained in a further article and white paper the Business Credit Scores by Dun & Bradstreet. This article is about practical advise. We will show you how to manage your finances and optimise your cash flow - and all this with probably the best risk platform on the market today: D&B Credit. Download our white paper and find out more about modern Financial Management.

More growth? More stable financial situation? More room for investment? These issues are important for you and all managers and CFOs. So it's about optimising the cash flow.

As you know, Accounts Receivable Management is one of the three pillars of Working Capital Management. The target: Get your money as fast as possible. In this article, we will show you what this looks like in practice - and how it can be achieved with D&B Credit, the risk flagship in our portfolio. It uses the Business Credit Scores by Dun & Bradstreet and provides you with outstanding functions, above all Portfolio Management. Read more below.

We strongly recommend that you download our white paper. There you will find the information of this article very detailed and explained with screenshots.

So: Let's begin. We'll start with the search function.


The best software is only as good as its search function. The developers at D&B Credit have taken this to heart and made the search extremely fast and reliable. Thanks to auto-complete, you'll find every company in the universe of over 300 million entries - even if you make a typo or don't even know exactly how to spell the company.


Found the company you are looking for? Perfect! Now it is a matter of examining it and deciding whether it is eligible for a business relationship. This process is called on-boarding. In D&B Credit, many financial managers consult the so-called Company Profile. There you will find all the information you need for the examination, such as general information about the company or the Overall Business Risk. 

Working Capital Management

Search and on-boarding do not yet have much to do with Working Capital Management. However, they are important and outstanding functions in D&B Credit and are simply part of the entire process.

The best feature of D&B Credit is certainly Portfolio Management. D&B Credit maps the entire customer portfolio in a clear matrix. The x-axis shows the age of the receivables from your customers, the y-axis the risk assessment of Dun & Bradstreet. Each field in the table shows the percentage of companies with these criteria - at D&B Credit Advantage even the total of the corresponding receivables in CHF or your chosen currency. At a glance, you can see the distribution of outstanding receivables, see how healthy the portfolio is and gain a quick overview of the risk distribution.

You have a reliable basis for defining your strategies - at portfolio, customer group or customer level. It may make sense to streamline your dunning process, or you may find that you should give more credit to a reliably paying customer and generate more revenue.

Credit policy

Have you defined a credit policy in your company? If no, then we strongly recommend that you make up for it. But it doesn't matter how you define them. In any case, D&B Credit gives you the data you need for the implementation. So D&B Credit fits your credit policy like a puzzle piece.

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