How we use your Personal information

Having your data at Dun & Bradstreet means that services you experience every day are smoother, while we make sure your data is secure and only used for the purposes you are comfortable with.

The data at Dun & Bradstreet benefits the society by powering organisations with important information. For example, Dun & Bradstreet is a supplier for Emergency services and many authorities. For you as a person, our products and services can for example streamline the process when you buy in a store or online, or simplify the credit check. To safeguard you, we can also stop unauthorized purchases in your name when you are subject for an identity theft. Dun & Bradstreet is working hard on data to benefit not only you and the society, but also the world.

Below you’ll find the purposes as well as what it means to have your data at Dun & Bradstreet.



Credit means that data is used for information about solvency reliability and credit-worthiness. For example, this applies for providing credit scores and business information reports.


Marketing means that selected names and addresses are used for promotion activities to existing customers, sales prospects and other target groups.

Marketo is a tool for marketing automation that is used within Dun & Bradstreet and which falls under this purpose category.

Profiling for marketing purposes

Profiling means any form of processing of personal statistical data to evaluate certain aspects relating to a person. In particular, it is used for statistical analysis or prediction of a person's lifestyle data.

Customer Intelligence (BCI) is an example of Dun & Bradstreet products within this purpose category.


Directory describes a kind of catalogue that contains master data such as phone numbers and address data, which we use for reference purposes.

Verification and control (data quality and data management)

This service contains updates, supplements and verification of personal information in order to maintain a good data quality. Verification and control refers to the process for assuring the correctness of data or discovering and amending data that needs updating. In practice, the service can be used by, for example, a company looking up a customer's new address as they have moved, to ensure that e.g. the newspaper is delivered to the correct address.