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Finance teams need to have the best available credit risk management tools to increase efficiency, reduce bad debt, and improve cash flow.

With D&B Credit Intelligence of our product D&B Finance Analytics, you can automate credit decisioning with a rules-based engine and real-time insights on hundreds of millions of businesses. Combining your A/R data with our industry-leading data & analytics can help you more effectively manage risk exposure across your entire portfolio.

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* This offer is directed at companies in Switzerland. Dun & Bradstreet customers who already have a current contract with Dun & Bradstreet Schweiz AG are excluded from this offer. The offer is valid until revoked.

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Credit Decisioning

Automate and standardize credit assessments, issue instant decisions, and integrate with your ERP and CRM platforms to improve operational efficiency.

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Risk Monitoring

Continuously monitor your customer portfolio, be alerted to potential risk, and easily prioritize collections to help protect and improve cash flow.


Portfolio Management

Maintain a holistic view of your global portfolio and access comprehensive business intelligence designed to help you accelerate profitability and more.


"We did not want to be blindsided by risk. Dun & Bradstreet helped us scale portfolio reviews from 6% to 100%."

- Credit Manager, Duke Energy