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Information on your contract renewal for D&B Credit

Your contract is due for renewal soon. It will not be renewed for e-Portfolio, but instead for D&B Credit, its successor. This page provides you with information on D&B Credit and the switch to the new product.

What does the switch mean for you?

No need to panic, numerous customers have made the switch from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit without difficulty and are fully satisfied. With the new solution, the process works the same as before. However, you will benefit from many great features and a completely new user interface.

Of course, we will transfer all of your monitoring notifications from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit to ensure that you don’t miss a thing and there won’t be a gap in the monitoring. We will also transfer your users; in fact, their administration will be even easier in D&B Credit.

D&B Credit introduces a new pricing model. For the first time, a credit platform is available with a flat fee, allowing you to request as many reports as you need in the core area. This ensures carefree use and saves you unpleasant surprises when receiving your invoice.

Your benefits with D&B Credit

  • Only one report type
    Receive standardised reports from 140 countries with maximum data depth, saving you time.
  • New pricing model
    Thanks to the flat fee for your core area and user credits for all other regions, you get the most out of D&B Credit.
  • Huge risk minimisation
    Put your business partners through their paces and know who you’re dealing with.
  • Family tree
    Find out how the ownership structure of your business partners is organised and thus have a better hand during negotiations.
  • Faster and more efficient than e-Portfolio
    The feedback of D&B Credit customers is positive throughout: The product we have been waiting for is available at long last.
  • Portfolio analysis
    Use the possibilities of portfolio analysis for successful credit protection management. You will get all the information you need at a glance.
  • Segment-specific monitoring
    Set up your monitoring in such a way that D&B Credit only informs you of those changes that really interest you. This way you will always make the right credit decisions.
  • 10 years of advancement
    Enjoy the benefits of the completely revised user interface and the new look and feel.
  • Continuous development
    D&B Credit is continuously updated with improvements and new features that you can use at no extra cost.
  • Manage your users independently
    Create users in D&B Credit yourself.
  • Data from the market leader
    With D&B Credit you have access to the data from Dun & Bradstreet, the best on the market.
  • Working capital management
    Increase the liquidity, efficiency and profitability of your company and boost the company value by having your accounts receivable under control.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact your account manager. They will be happy to provide you with information on the switch and the new contract.  To request the new contract now, please click here.


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D&B Credit: Brochure

Increase your growth with D&B Credit, the risk platform of the latest generation of Bisnode D&B. In this brochure you will learn that D&B Credit is the ideal solution for you when:

  • Making credit decisions on a daily basis.
  • Managing and segmenting your customer portfolio.
  • Monitoring and managing customer risks.
  • Conducting your business on an international scale.

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Switching from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit is this easy: FAQ

No need to panic, switching from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit is easy and runs smoothly. What you get is a range of new features, a completely redesigned user interface – everything that makes your work easier and gives you more time for important things.

What happens to the monitoring notifications? What about the users? Switching from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit is easy and seamless. We have put together FAQ with all the important points for you.

Switching is this easy

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D&B Credit webinars

To make the switch from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit a success, we offer free webinars. They will bring your employees’ knowledge with respect to D&B Credit up to speed. Attend one of our free webinars. Learn everything about D&B Credit – conveniently online on your PC.

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