Information about COVID-19

Bisnode has a continuity and contingency plan to ensure the continuity of our operations in different scenarios. The continuity plan defines in detail how to proceed in one or more of these scenarios. We monitor developments and continuously evaluate which measures we need to take.

  • We monitor and analyse information from WHO and local health authorities. This is the basis for the information and behaviour of our employees and consultants in order to limit the spread of the corona virus.
  • We have set up a special working group for Corona, which will ensure that we monitor the situation.
  • We have a solid business continuity plan, which among other things covers pandemic/biological preparedness. We are ready to activate our continuity plan if we consider it necessary.
  • We have a clear strategy to mitigate the potential effects of the corona virus. This includes ensuring that all stored data and all applications are available in the cloud so that in the event of a quarantine, employees can work securely from home and access work applications, emails and data from there.
  • These measures and actions we will take are in accordance with the guidelines of the local authorities and the WHO.
  • Information for employees can be found on a separate website on our intranet.
Please contact your Bisnode contact person, if you as a customer have any questions.