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Company bankruptcies decrease by 21 percent

19 Oct 2020

The Corona bankruptcy wave is still a long way off. For example, the number of corporate insolvencies in Switzerland fell by a whole 21 percent between January and September 2020.

This corresponds to 2,760 bankruptcy proceedings being opened as a result of a company insolvency. Only in four cantons did the number of insolvent companies increase. However, according to Bisnode D&B's analysis, the black sheep still appear when looking at the figures by sector. In the wood and furniture industry, the risk of insolvency was 2.7 times higher than the average for all industries. In the construction industry, the risk is 2.4 times higher and in the hospitality industry and craft businesses the probability of bankruptcy is 2.2 times higher. Therefore, active management of bad debt risks is particularly important here.

There was a slight increase in the number of newly founded companies. A total of 33,573 new entries were made in the commercial register, which represents an increase of two percent.

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