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3,499 Company bankruptcies from January to November 2020

21 Dec 2020

The number of bankruptcies continues to fall. This is due to the government's support services to cope with the Corona crisis, because bankruptcy figures should actually be rising in the current situation. Overall, the decrease from January to November 2020 is as much as 19 percent. In total, insolvency proceedings had to be opened for 3,499 companies.

The sharpest decline in bankruptcies was in Espace Mittelland as well as in southwestern Switzerland (both -24%), followed by Ticino (-22%) as well as Zurich and eastern Switzerland (both -18%). In central Switzerland, the decline was 15 percent and in northwestern Switzerland there were three percent fewer insolvencies.

The growth in new start-ups from January to November 2020 was four percent compared to the same period last year. A total of 41,705 companies were newly entered in the commercial register.

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