In the automotive industry it’s standard to play safe when it comes to data. However, Jonas LifCRM Manager at International Motors, wanted to base his decisions on something more to increase the accuracy of customer cultivation. With Bisnode’s help he developed a more precise targeting system for online advertising. 


The result? The number of qualified leads has tripled.  

International Motors is the general agent for Isuzu Motors in Sweden and for Subaru in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltics. 

Subaru probably sounds familiar – but Isuzu? Perhaps not – Isuzu Motors specializes in pickups that are mainly bought by companies. 

“However, Isuzu also needs to increase brand awareness among pickup owners – we want Isuzu to be the obvious choice and of course we want to increase sales,” says Jonas Lif, CRM Manager at International Motors.

About International Motors

About International Motors
  • What the business does: General agent for Isuzu in Sweden and Subaru in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 


  • Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden. 


  • Sales: 20 Mio. Swiss Francs

The challenge: To reach potential customers 

There aren’t that many people interested in buying pickups. It’s not as though you wake up one day and feel the need to buy a pickup…  

This may appear to be an advantage in cultivating customers, but actually it’s a major challenge when it comes to accurate marketing. 

“With such a small target audience we can’t use channels that have traditionally been successful for the automotive industry and just hope for the best. We have to focus on cultivating customers in a more direct, digital way with a very well-prepared, narrow target audience.” 

International Motors decided to develop target audiences based not only on people’s online behaviors and interests, but also by taking offline data, such as industry affiliation, into account.

The solution: Data-driven decision making means accurate target audiences 

But the collaboration with Bisnode didn’t start by working out how to reach pickup customers. First Bisnode sank its teeth into analyzing Subaru’s CRM data so as to create better target audiences for the company. The analysts looked into typical buyer demographic characteristics in order to create so-called “twins”, i.e. similar people or potential buyers. 

According to David Borkenhagen, one of Bisnode’s sales specialists in marketing services: “Traditionally, the automotive industry has only looked at vehicle data – i.e. data on when a person seems ready to change vehicle. What we can do at Bisnode is link vehicle data with other relevant data to create target audiences for digital marketing. In Subaru’s case, it turned out that there were several clear patterns among buyers that play a big role in whether or not they are a potential customer.”  

Bisnode then expanded the collaboration to offer solutions adapted for Isuzu.  

“We produced information about decision-makers at companies and small businesses that probably need pickups – we could then match those people against Facebook to create accurate B2B ads on the platform.” 

The result: Three times as many qualified leads for Isuzu 

As a result of the work, International Motors now has clear, narrow target audiences for its digital marketing this ensures that it reaches potential customers.  

“In Isuzu’s case, we’ve directed most Facebook campaigns at the new target audience for a year. This has resulted in three times as many high-quality leads,” says Lif. “Knowing that you’re reaching the right people is brilliant – it’s the alpha and omega for a business and you can’t put a price on it.” 

Lif points out that without the assistance from Bisnode this would have been very difficult. “Bisnode possesses such a lot of unique data and this means we can market ourselves to people who genuinely are potential customers. We have a lot of ideas ourselves about how we want to work – and they’ve sorted out everything that we wanted to test,” Lif concludes.

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