Around 20,000 customers rely on the experience and quality of PRODINGER when it comes to packaging their products. With solutions from Dun & Bradstreet, the Coburg-based wholesaler is establishing the basis for future growth, while also safeguarding against payment and supplier default risks.

Whether standard packaging or a custom solution: PRODINGER has the knowledge, experience and expertise to cover all packaging requirements. “No matter whether off-the-rack or tailor-made: we always put together a package for our customers that perfectly covers their individual requirements,” comments CFO Christian Graupner.

PRODINGER is currently on a growth trajectory. Indeed, the mid-sized company has already extended its technological basis, having introduced new solutions for supplier monitoring and to help identify potential customers more quickly. “Our ambitious growth targets require us to adjust our processes. One absolutely indispensable requirement for this is a powerful supplier network that works smoothly. The solutions from Dun & Bradstreet are really showing us the way in this regard,” adds Graupner.

Constant monitoring of suppliers

PRODINGER works with over 1,500 manufacturers worldwide. To minimise default risks, the mid-sized company has already been using data from Dun & Bradstreet in its purchasing operations for many years – albeit only selectively until now. Yet in light of the increasingly uncertain market situation, characterised by a lack of resources and unstable supply chains, the Coburg-based packaging specialists were looking for a way to keep a closer eye on their suppliers and take the necessary steps even earlier in the event of defaults. “This is something that is tough to achieve without technical support, particularly on an international basis,” comments Graupner. PRODINGER therefore required a solution that would enable it to monitor the key figures of its 150 strategically most important business partners both flexibly and closely.

Following an intensive market analysis, the decision was finally taken: D&B Finance Analytics from Dun & Bradstreet is the tool of choice. “Dun & Bradstreet simply performed the best, both in terms of the depth of information and the up-to-dateness of the data,” comments Graupner. Above all, this applies to the company’s international operations. “It’s simply impossible to ignore Dun & Bradstreet here.” The user-friendliness of the solution also impressed us. Many functionalities are self-explanatory, meaning that the purchasing team at PRODINGER was able to get started directly after just a brief introduction.

Automatic updating of creditworthiness data

The challenges currently facing us all mean that constant monitoring is not only becoming a critical success factor with regard to suppliers. Many companies across the globe are encountering tough economic times following the crises of the last few years. To prevent outstanding invoices from becoming an even greater issue, PRODINGER therefore needs to keep a constant eye on the creditworthiness of its approximately 20,000 customers.

The packaging specialists also rely on Dun & Bradstreet here – and enjoy even greater benefits as a result. An interface is used to import the data directly into the ERP used by PRODINGER. The company can then perform credit assessments significantly more quickly, react more flexibly to financial issues being experienced by its customers and adjust credit limits where appropriate. This represents an important lever for avoiding payment defaults.

Dun & Bradstreet simply performed the best, both in terms of the depth of information and the up-to-dateness of the data. Above all, this applies to the company’s international operations. It’s simply impossible to ignore Dun & Bradstreet here.

Christian Graupner CFO PRODINGER Group

It was also possible to significantly increase process efficiency. “In cases where the most recent information on creditworthiness was more than six months old, we used to call a service provider to request up-to-date information. However, we then had to enter this manually in our own database,” comments Gaupner. Today, the creditworthiness information is updated entirely automatically – at the latest every seven days. Another benefit is that the packaging wholesaler only receives the information it actually requires. D&B Data Blocks allow the customer to select the specific data it requires for its work.

A better handle on market connections

The packaging wholesaler also relies on Dun & Bradstreet when it comes to sales, using D&B Hoovers to help optimise its sales operations. The solution not only makes market connections transparent, but also simplifies the process of cleansing master data. In addition to this, D&B Hoovers offers powerful tools that can be used to search for, determine and also address potential customers. This helps identify and target prospects more quickly and easily worldwide. “We can now align our sales activities even more precisely to their requirements and win over new customers more quickly. These are the best prerequisites for our targeted growth,” comments Graupner.

“In Dun & Bradstreet, we have found a strategic partner whose data and solutions support us in a wide range of areas on our growth course,” comments Graupner. Future plans also include further expediting the topic of sustainability. To this end, the Coburg-based company is planning to use ESG data from Dun & Bradstreet as a way of satisfying environmental standards throughout the entire supply chain and also meeting new regulatory requirements.


The PRODINGER Group was founded in 1925 and today ranks among the leading trading enterprises for industrial packaging materials in the German-speaking region.

With almost 500 employees at multiple locations and over nine decades of experience, PRODINGER works tirelessly to cover its customers’ packaging requirements. Indeed, customers of the leading full-range provider have access to more than 8,000 permanently stocked standard packaging articles. The company’s packaging expertise represents an important success factor. In addition to the comprehensive products and services on offer, this is reflected in its service pledge and extensive consulting services. Alongside packaging materials, the portfolio of products and services also encompasses packaging technology and shipping facilities, as well as solutions for food packaging and industrial hygiene. In addition to this, PRODINGER offers its customers a wide range of individual packaging solutions, which are developed to exacting standards in the internal Design department using the latest CAD software.



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