Franzosini AG, headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, has approximately 70 employees and is the largest shipping company in Ticino Canton. It performs around 75,000 shipments and more than 50,000 customs clearances each year. The main markets for Franzosini AG are Switzerland and Italy. Five to ten new customers are added daily. To calculate the credit lines for their customers Franzosini AG relies on information provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

Fast order processing is particularly important in the international logistics business. Hence, Franzosini also needs to be quick to determine its new customers’ lines of credit. In order to assess each customer and their individual credit limit, Franzosini AG relies on information provided by Dun & Bradstreet credit reports and integrates this data into its own customer evaluations. A detailed internal credit policy ensures that all Franzosini AG employees involved comply with the relevant procedures.


«We tested a variety of providers, but only Dun & Bradstreet understood our needs.»

Marco Tepoorten General Manager Franzosini AG

«We want to be sure that the customer will pay,»says Marco Tepoorten, General Manager of Franzosini AG. «Dun & Bradstreet delivers us the certainty we need for major customers and large order totals.»This is particularly important because Franzosini AG must pay the VAT for its customers at customs before making the delivery. If the customer has difficulty paying its invoices, not only is the payment of the logistics order endangered, but also the VAT reimbursement. Franzosini AG puts a lot on the line when it handles logistics for sectors with a high risk of bankruptcy and for large customers.


The decision for Dun & Bradstreet was easy, as Marco Tepoorten reports, «We tested a variety of providers, but only Dun & Bradstreet understood our needs. Three reasons for going with Dun & Bradstreet: the speed of service to get information and customer assessments, the certainty the information is correct, and the continuous monitoring of our customers that provides a solid basis for our decisions and doesn’t let us miss anything.»