Webinar: Make Wrong Deliveries a Thing of the Past

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How Better Data Improves Your Supply Chain Management

What if a supplier is standing in front of your company headquarters with a truckload of parts that are urgently needed in your branch factory? Having the right product at the right time in the wrong place costs companies worldwide millions every year.

For decades, low-quality ship-to data has frustrated Supply Chain Managers all over the world, as well as created countless unsatisfied customers and suppliers. CDQ has teamed up with Dun & Bradstreet to solve this pain.

In their common Webinar, Pascal Dubosson (Dun & Bradstreet) and Andrew Goddard (CDQ) explain how our joint solutions can sustainably improve the quality of your ship-to, bill-to, and sold-to data and thus lift your supply chain management to a higher level. And we have also invited a special guest: Scott Taylor ("The Data Whisperer") will open the online session! We are looking forward to your participation.

This webinar took place on May 20, 2021. Here you can request the recording free of charge.

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