Fireside chat with Wirecard whistleblower Pav Gill

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The fall of Wirecard is one of the biggest white collar crime cases in the past centuries. Years of balance sheet falsification, price manipulations and money laundering caused billions of euros in financial damage.

Thousands of employees lost their jobs and tons of investors have had to cope with major losses. How was this possible in such a strong regulated and audited industry?

Let’s hear from Pavandeep Gill (Pav), 38, who was instrumental in exposing the fraud. Starting as sole legal counsel on the ground looking after the Asia-Pacific region in 2017, he soon realized that major violations and falsifications were taking place within the organisation.

After internally reporting these issues, he was forced into silence, he and his mom were threatened in several ways, and eventually he was pushed out of the company. But even then, the pressures and threats didn’t stop.

So let’s meet Pav and hear about his journey, his experiences and how his conciseness forced him to gather all his courage to go public with his insights, which caused Wirecard to finally go down in June 2020.


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