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Ensure legal accuracy with reliable data
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Relevant data yesterday, today and tomorrow

Relevant data yesterday, today and tomorrow

Legal data, as a pillar of our society, constitutes a crucial base of information on which to do things such as examine and research legal issues. With a variety of official data sources, including government, courts, public authorities and EU institutions, the range and flow of information is constant and never-ending. It's a challenge to keep up-to-date and make decisions based on current laws and legislative history, but also to understand how they are applied and interpreted by the courts.


Dun & Bradstreet's solutions give you access to current legislation from all official sources in one place. Our database gives you access to court decisions and other information dating back from the 1940s until today.

Provide security and legal accuracy

Provide security and legal accuracy

Get new possibilities with Dun & Bradstreet’s legal database

  • Be sure you always base assessments and reports on current data and applicable law, thanks to daily updates from our legal database
  • Optimize your legal management through access to reliable information contained in three million documents
  • Understand and interpret legal data, and follow legal developments in unprocessed original documents
Optimize the legal data collection

Optimize the legal data collection

Simplify management with accurate hits in Dun & Bradstreet’s tools

  • Streamline your search by getting relevant information from all official sources in one place
  • Save time with data management thanks to advanced and flexible search capabilities
  • Reduce the cost of managing legal information with a user-friendly and functional tool
Stay up-to-date with the latest developments

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments

Ensure complete insight with Dun & Bradstreet’s news service

  • Get access to the latest and most important news through our legal newsroom
  • Simplify global monitoring of current events with compilations in customized newsletters
  • Secure relevant knowledge and daily updates via reports, articles and well-founded analyses from our legal journalists


Bisnode’s archive of legal information is a necessary foundation and a valuable working tool for all users of any form of legal data. You get access to both conceptual mapping and closer looks at specific cases. Thanks to a chronological index you can easily find the latest information, but you can also follow a legal text and see how it has changed over the years. With everything in one place, and a cross-linked search function, your work is streamlined and you can focus on applying the material instead of searching for it.

Bisnode’s archive gives you access to:

  • Legislative history
  • Decisions from all courts
  • Case law
  • European law

Bisnode’s news staff daily follow the going-ons in the legal field in the EU. You get the most important news from your business sector, the courts and government – all summarized in current articles, reports and detailed analyses. Ongoing newsletters keep you up-to-date with feature articles, insights and outlooks on legal highlights in the areas that are relevant to you.

Bisnode’s news service gives you updates such as:

  • Legal news
  • Articles
  • Analyses
  • Business sector news
  • Legal job advertisements
  • Literature and journal references

The legal education series from Bisnode Academy focuses on the legal sector and takes a close look at current legal topics. The training is designed to meet the Bar Association's guidelines for the professional training of lawyers. Teaching is done by Bisnode’s experts together with guest speakers who share their professional experiences. The seminars are free of charge for our customers.

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