Third-Party Risk Management

Don’t let your third-party relationships put you at risk

Cleanse and append your vendor master without IT integration The D‑U‑N‑S® Numbers instantly and permanently ties data together from dissimilar information systems and removes duplication and incomplete counterparty views. 5+ million updates are received and proactively sent to clients daily ensuring third-party risk management and decisions are based on sound data.
Mitigate third-party risk and accelerate due diligence Automatically score, decision, and triage third-party relationships with configurable decision engines to expedite the due diligence and screening process. Identify, verify, screen, and monitor with confidence.
Avoid disruption and mitigate risk with predictive analytics Predictive scoring and monitoring alerts to the material financial, reputational and compliance risks and changes within third-party networks. Aggregate total third-party relationships, metadata, and corporate families together to safely optimize visibility.
Accelerate your TPRM Program

Accelerating your third-party risk management program isn’t just about focusing on one type of relationship. A comprehensive program means you are focused on your suppliers, vendors, non-vendors and outsourcers while maintaining an accelerated approach to data, risk management and onboarding.

From ensuring your vendor master is current and accurate to screening for the most complex regulations, the best practice is one that leverages data and insights to accelerate an agile, risk-centric approach allowing your business to start working with third parties as soon as possible.