Dun & Bradstreet for Small Business

Find solutions and resources to help small business owners on their journey to success.
Helping Small Businesses SucceedGetting their Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, securing startup capital, building marketing plans, onboarding vendors, and complying with state, federal, and international regulations--these are just some of the responsibilities faced by small business owners. And Dun & Bradstreet can help.

Finance for Small Business

Securing loans or credit, winning new contracts or bids, managing cash flow, and identifying risks are just some of the financial concerns faced by small businesses. Lacking the resources that often give big businesses an advantage, small business owners must be nimble and attentive when it comes to dealing with financial challenges and taking advantage of opportunities to grow.

Sales & Marketing for Small Business

How a company markets its products or services to potential customers is a key part of whether or not the initial creative spark for the business results in success. From targeting qualified leads to using the latest advertising tools to convert customers, taking sales and marketing seriously is essential for a small business to have a fighting chance against the competition.

Procurement for Small Business

Building an efficient and reliable supply chain is critical for some small businesses. Entering into a contract with a new vendor can be intimidating. After all, your ability to keep customers happy is partially reliant on your vendor's performance. It’s important that small business owners understand how to mitigate supply chain risks and build successful vendor relationships to ensure maximum profitability.

Compliance for Small Business

Complying with state, federal, and international regulations can put an incredible amount of pressure on small businesses. Few SMBs have compliance departments of their own, so these responsibilities often fall on business owners or top managers. From data privacy to financial and environmental regulations, there’s a lot to learn.

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