Target Audiences Across Channels

Improve ROI and drive growth with consistent online and offline audience targeting.
Drive ABM With a More Accurate View of Top Accounts

Teams are prioritizing account-based marketing (ABM) as a strategy to influence key accounts. In response, you need to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of sales leads while aligning your sales and marketing efforts across channels.

You can achieve these objectives with data management solutions such as D&B Optimizer to help maintain the most clean and complete account data and D&B DataVision to prioritize best-fit accounts. These solutions help your teams focus on the same accounts and have access to the same quality data to help guide decisions and engage with relevance.

Right Audience, Right Time, Right Message

With the increased consumerization of B2B buying, today's buyers expect consistent, on-demand, digital, and personalized experiences that allow them to self-educate.

Tap into the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to deliver a true omni-channel experience, and power up your programmatic, social, and TV advertising campaigns with D&B Audience Targeting. Validate attributes of audiences that are engaging with ads through D&B Audience Targeting Analytics. Once audiences visit your website, D&B Visitor Intelligence helps unmask anonymous visitors, personalize experiences, and prefill lead forms to reduce abandonment.

Sales and Marketing: A Dynamic Duo

The key to ABM success hinges on aligning efforts across online and offline channels while empowering sellers with the intelligence they need to engage key accounts with relevance.

Drive alignment and efficiency with D&B Optimizer, which delivers a unified view of customers for sales and marketing teams right within the technologies they use every day. Use D&B DataVision to help marketers deploy campaigns across CRM and MAP systems, or send targets to sellers directly via D&B Hoovers.