Third-Party Risk

D&B Risk Analytics –
Compliance Intelligence

An intelligent KYC/KYB monitoring and compliance decision making solution driven by Dun & Bradstreet’s robust data and insights

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Targeted Due Diligence for
Future-Ready Compliance Mitigation

D&B Compliance Intelligence arms compliance teams around the globe with industry-leading data and modern capabilities needed to conquer the evolving landscape and complexity of third-party compliance risk. Through intelligent and highly configurable policy-led workflows, D&B Compliance Intelligence provides a cutting-edge KYC/KYB monitoring solution that helps keep companies apprised of risk in near real-time.

D&B Compliance Intelligence aims to help compliance teams quickly and effectively verify, assess, monitor, and manage entities and beneficial owners – and fortify company reputation.

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Verify & Identify Business Partners
Verify new business partners identity during the onboarding process
Actively Monitor Compliance Risk
Detect when third-party risk factors shift and proactively mitigate
Screen Entities and Beneficial Owners
Conduct enhanced due diligence on the third parties and customers you plan to work with
Automate Risk Mitigation
Make quicker, intelligent, and more defensible risk decisions
Eliminate Effort and Increase Precision with Configurable Policy-Led Workflows

D&B Compliance Intelligence is fit with automated screening workflows triggered by a highly configurable risk engine that allows you to identify third-party compliance risk based on your company’s policies and definition of material risk.

This unique capability allows you to define risk materiality based on your company’s risk policies and discover the most relevant risk – saving you time while increasing defensibility of your program.

Easily Verify & Identify Entities

Verify third parties, customers, and business partners quicker and easier than ever before by connecting them to the D-U-N-S Number and Live Business Identity.

By leveraging data from The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, D&B Compliance Intelligence brings you insights connected to over 500 million entities and 340 million shareholders around the globe – helping you to identify who exactly you are doing business with.

Screen Business Partners with Speed and Precision

Screen entities, beneficial owners, and trade styles quicker than ever before with industry-leading data integrated from Dow Jones – bringing you key insights and risk related events such as presence on sanctions & watchlists, PEP lists, legal events, and adverse media.

D&B Compliance Intelligence provides the ability to automate decisioning based on configurable rules at your discretion, helping you to save time and reach decisions faster.

Monitor Third-Party Compliance Risk in Near Real-Time

Turn antiquated traditional approaches to risk mitigation into powerful modern ongoing monitoring strategies with robust insights updated in near real-time.

D&B Compliance Intelligence keeps your third parties’ records updated in near real-time, allowing you to set automated custom alerts to notify you when risk factors shift and help you proactively mitigate before disruption occurs.

Gain Visibility into ESG Performance and Keep up With New Requirements

Achieve detailed visibility into your business partners environmental, social, and governance practices that help you to evaluate entities based on policies and regulations and monitor changes in ESG performance throughout the business relationship.

This feature add-on provides comprehensive visibility into ESG insights on over 74+ million global entities in more than 185 territories, broken into 13 key ESG themes and 31 specific topics.

Identify and Understand Cyber Risk Exposure

Assess and help manage cyber risk throughout the compliance process – from onboarding evaluations to ongoing monitoring for changes in risk.

This feature add-on provides a breakdown of 10 key cyber risk factors that will help you to understand a business partners cyber hygiene and potential to expose your company to cyber threats.

A Trusted Source of Compliance Risk Data and Capabilities

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