COVID-19 Business Impact Research Portal

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Accelerate Planning & Recovery
The COVID-19 Business Impact Research Platform makes Dun & Bradstreet information and analytics capabilities available at no charge to federal, state, and local government agencies to enable evidence-based decisions as they plan risk mitigation and recovery initiatives.

Prioritise response at the provincial and local level

The complimentary platform offers the following macro-level information to support the prioritisation of response efforts at the provincial and local levels:

  • Total number of employers, and the number of small employers
  • Total number of employees
  • Number of employers and employees by industry

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Rapidly vet, validate, and assess specific businesses

Comprehensive Business Reports--Dun & Bradstreet's most extensive and feature-rich reports--can be pulled for any business of interest at no charge. These reports support the rapid assessment of a specific business’s viability, credibility, and health with a broad set of data and analytics, including:

  • Basic firmographics (year started, sales, address, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics (financial stress score, commercial credit score, D&B Viability Rating, etc.)
  • Family tree (domestic and global divisions, branches, and subsidiaries, etc.)
  • Suits, liens, and judgments

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