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Supply Chain Management

Supplier Risk Manager Scorecard Module

Analyze your entire supply base to identify high-risk suppliers likely to disrupt your business
Analyze your suppliers quickly and efficiently
Supplier Risk Manager’s Scorecard Module is a configurable scorecard that meets your company’s specific needs for addressing supplier risk. As you set thresholds for acceptable, moderate and severe risk levels, you gain a broader view of the risk across your supply chain.
Configurable scorecards to meet your company’s specific needs
Simplified risk visualization through a clear, actionable stoplight format
Tabular and graphical reporting to quickly spot patterns and identify highest risk areas
How It WorksDon’t waste time looking for red flags. Find them easily. D&B Supplier Risk Manager’s Scorecard Module lets you efficiently analyze your supply base to identify the suppliers most likely to disrupt your supply chain. By combining Dun & Bradstreet’s global commercial database with your supplier profiles for a single, aggregated view of risk by level of severity. You have the ability to rank and rate your supplier base risk. Graphical reports illustrate that risk distribution in user-friendly fashion, providing you with the data you need to develop improvement plans for high-risk suppliers and share the intelligence with your team.
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