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Build a brand, champion a cause, make a difference, and grow your business by engaging with teachers, parents, and students. Connect with MDR

Dun & Bradstreet’s
Education Division
MDR connects enterprise to the education community. Brands and nonprofits trust MDR because we know educators and have over 50 years’ experience in everything from strategy and planning, to building lists and executing high-impact creative campaigns, to ROI analysis.
Educators are responsive to a wide array of offers like travel, health & fitness, cultural events, and more.
All educators are involved in purchasing and can be targeted by role, grade, subject, or firmographics.
Educators offer brands and causes a unique opportunity to reach a wide audience with a targeted message.

Power Your Marketing and Sales Business With Education Data and Outreach

MDR leads the industry in helping marketers create and nurture valuable relationships with educators using vital data, intelligent targeting, engaging content, and integrated, multichannel strategies. We can help you find opportunity in this $1 Trillion market of seven million U.S. educators from day care to libraries, prek-12 institutions, colleges and universities.

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Reach Educators Directly
Connect to 95% of the U.S. educator market across day care, libraries, pk-12 schools and higher ed institutions using our best-of-breed data solutions, constantly refreshed and validated.

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Build Trust and Relationships is a media brand with an audience of millions; engage educators where they are online with advertising, sponsored content, awareness, and lead generation programs.

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Enable Teams with Automation Tools
MDR’s email deployment platform empowers organizations to extend the value of their D&B data or own customer data using the latest advancements in delivery strategies and tactics.

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Prospect Using Email
Optimize deployment and maximize click-thrus to enable you to deploy more emails, faster.

Insight to Action
Identify your best targets, empower sales with automation, surround prospects across channels, and nurture clients with capabilities proven across thousands of campaigns to educators.

Always Reach the Right Person

Reaching a ‘market of one’ starts with data quality and quantity. Complete and granular education market data enables accurate targeting. Modeling and analytics reveal new audiences and buyer behaviors and preferences.

Let Salespeople Sell

Make sales more productive with instant access to educator data and characteristics to empower account-based marketing. Automatically populate CRM systems with the freshest data.

Speak Educators’ Language

Relevance breaks through the noise to capture attention and prompt a response. Purpose-built platforms, content, and communities are the way to an educator’s heart and lasting brand loyalty.