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D&B Rev.Up ABX for Web​

Gather rich web analytics, de-anonymize your visitors, personalize web experiences, and boost form conversions.​

Know Who Is Coming to Your Site and Engage In a Personal Way
D&B Rev.Up ABX for Web, the web-focused component of the D&B Rev.Up ABX platform, takes the guesswork out of who is coming to your website so that you can create smoother and more personal web experiences for your visitors.
Rev.Up ABX for Web uses help from the D&B Data Cloud to match your web visitors to their online identifiers (e.g. company, geographic location, industry), pre-fill forms to reduce customer experience friction, and deliver personalized web experiences to better target your top accounts.
De-anonymize Your Web Visitors
We make it easy to uncover your website traffic with our large IP database and cookies matching on D-U-N-S. Understand who is visiting your website, which campaigns are driving the right kind of traffic, and which content is attracting your ideal customer profile.
Improve Form Conversions
When your visitors encounter a gate on your website, reduce friction by automatically pre-populating form fields — using location, firmographic and technographic data from the Data Cloud — so that they have less fields to fill out and are more likely to convert.
Personalize Web Experiences
Make your web visitors feel like your website was custom-built for them by creating personalized digital experiences with our partner tool, Folloze, so that you can deliver the right message at the right time to your targeted accounts.
Convert Your Prospects Faster
Use our AI to score your leads so you can understand who to reach out to and what to say.​ We help you prioritize inbound leads based on engagement data supplemented by thousands of additional firmographic and technographic attributes.
Integrate Our Data Into Your Data
We make it easy to integrate our data into the web analytics tools you're already using so that you're receiving de-anonymized, real-time web visitor data right alongside the other web analytics you're tracking. There's also a built-in dashboard in the platform itself if you prefer that instead.
Ready to Rev.Up?
Grow revenue with unified data, targeted audiences, and personalize activations across channels, while tracking your results. It's the RevTech platform B2B marketers have been waiting for!

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