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Identify Upsell Opportunities
Review a complete picture of the corporate structure with parents, subsidiaries, and branches. Our corporate linkages can help you navigate an organization and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Analyze Financial Health
D&B Hoovers provides the most extensive financial information available today with robust reporting options, including valuable insight on private companies. Understand an organization’s financial health and identify threats or opportunities with a full spectrum of reports, including balance sheets, annual reports, SEC filings, stock reports, ratio comparisons, and geographic and business segments.

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Target by Technologies
Gain the inside track for more strategic selling in the IT vertical with technologies in use reports and coverage of IT architectures, initiatives, and competitive landscapes in our tech-focused CRUSH Reports.

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Understand Industry Trends
Our First Research Industry Profiles provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-consume report on the trends, opportunities, and challenges that impact companies within a target market. Sellers can leverage this business information to have more meaningful engagement with accounts.

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Monitor Competitors
Gain insight into the competitive landscape and stay on top of breaking developments with our account monitoring capabilities.

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Pinpoint Company Opportunities and Threats
Our SWOT reports are completely customized to include valuable insight into a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so you can personalize your sales pitch to focus on their specific needs.

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Search by Concepts, Not Just Keywords
Our powerful search capabilities go beyond basic keywords to help you understand how companies, contacts, and industries are related to targeted topics such as “driverless cars” or “acquisitions." Our unique search tools provide an alternative way to identify businesses involved in emerging technologies such as “drone delivery” to help you find sales opportunities before competitors.

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Identify and Prioritize In-Market Buyers
D&B Buyer Intent data helps you engage buyers with greater timeliness and relevance by identifying companies that are displaying early stage buying signals with their online activity. Activate your personalized intent models in D&B Hoovers to prioritize your best opportunities and support account-based sales activities.

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Discover Company Trends
Identify companies that are engaging in activities that can signal opportunity for your business, such as M&A activity, product launches, or contract wins with our Business Signals® report. Predictive indicators look at business activity over a period of time to help you understand what is happening at a company in order to identify real selling opportunities.

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Build Your Ideal Profile®
Our Ideal Profile Scores help you understand how closely a company aligns with your target criteria.

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Keep Lists Current and Accurate
Dynamically updating SmartLists® alert you of new business opportunities by monitoring our global business database 24x7 and adding new companies and/or contacts to your marketing and sales leads list as events at those organizations create a match with your list criteria. This is an easy way to help identify developments in your sales territory.

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Set Your Opportunity Alarms
More than 70 real-time trigger alerts are available to keep you informed of breaking news, such as executive changes, earnings results, and legal judgements.

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Stay Informed on the Go
Access company profiles, news, and trigger alerts from D&B Hoovers on your mobile device. Plus, search for nearby companies to help identify local sales opportunities while on the road.