Credit & Risk Management

D&B CoAction

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Intelligently Transform Your Finance Operations
Improve your credit-to-cash processes by combining e-invoicing, collections management, and payment reconciliation into a powerful automation engine integrated with your ERP. Seamlessly stream the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud into your workflows to provide deep customer insight.
Enhance Productivity
Automate processes to prioritize collections, simplify workflows, and focus on your biggest opportunities.
Increase Efficiency
Apply and reconcile payments to reduce processing costs, improve quality of cash numbers, and reduce DSO.
Improve Cash Flow
Make it easier for your customers to pay with e-invoicing and online payment portal options.

Receivables Management

Now Dun & Bradstreet’s category-defining commercial credit data and analytical insights can help you streamline your collections process and increase the effectiveness of your company’s efforts. This collaborative and comprehensive solution allows you to prioritize collections, increase efficiencies, and simplify workflows through automation. With Dun & Bradstreet’s predictive data and analytical insights natively integrated into the solution, you’ll gain visibility into potential risk.

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Payment Portal  

D&B CoAction offers e-invoicing and a customer payment portal. Improve customer service; provide your customers with 24/7 access to their account statements; and reduce your paper, processing, and postage costs. The payment portal makes it easier for your customers, too, by allowing them to pay their invoices online with just a few clicks. With online payment options, you’ll get paid faster, reduce errors, avoid the duplication of work, and reduce processing costs.

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Cash Management

Cash Management applies and reconciles payments through multiple channels to reduce payment processing costs, improve quality of cash numbers, and reduce DSO. This collaborative tool enables payment matching, remittance resolution, payment application, and reporting while eliminating redundant communications, emails, and spreadsheets.