D&B Country Insight Solutions

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Identify risk and opportunity around the world
D&B's Country Insight solutions monitor changes in the business environment of individual countries and forecast country-wide developments which may affect the level of risk or provide opportunities in the short to medium term.
One-stop country intelligence solution for 132 countries
Focus on country, regional and global level insight
Commercially relevant and ‘decision-ready’ recommendations

Dun & Bradstreet Country Risk Rating Interactive Heat Map

Click on any country to view its risk assessment for the current month or select a date to view past heat maps.

Tailored one-stop-country intelligence solution for the whole organisation

Dun & Bradstreet's Country Insight solutions are compiled by a team of high-skilled analysts using exclusive aggregated micro-level data from our global network, as well as elements from our Data Cloud of over 400 million company records. That information is further supported by national and international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and other multilateral organisations.

The solutions offered by D&B provide accessible, broad and deep insight into the core issues affecting 

Identify risk associated with conducting commerce in specific regions

View country risk exposure levels clearly highlighted in interactive global maps

Assess supplier risk exposure by country with supply base views and supplier details

Understand key factors based on commercially focused analysis and “at-a-glance” risk indicators

A Range of Solutions for Your Organisation's Needs