D&B Direct for Informatica Delivers Easy, Reliable Data Integration

Optimizing Your Master Data Management Solution

In today’s digital world, organizations struggle to make sense of the disparate data silos across their enterprises. Due to the remarkable influx of customer, supplier and vendor information, data is disorganized, inaccurate, and all-around unreliable. Gartner estimates that poor data costs organizations close to $15 million per year. By creating a single, trusted view of your stakeholders, you can improve the quality of your data and materially impact the financial health of your business. This is especially true in a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day.

For many organizations, the resolution to this pervasive problem is to implement an enterprise-wide master data management (MDM) solution. But with so many MDM players in the market, it can be overwhelming to identify who is best suited to help you solve your immediate data challenges. In the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM, Informatica was named the master data management leader among numerous competitors because they provide the indispensable Master Data governance, tools, and capabilities needed to implement a world-class data management strategy. Over the years, Informatica Master Data Management has consistently provided the best end-to-end solution that can enhance data quality and infuse highly capable business processes and data security practices into any enterprise.

By abstracting away the complexity of API development work, D&B Direct for Informatica has allowed our clients to significantly accelerate their time-to-value.

However, no master data management implementation is complete without accurate, high-quality data. In order to stand up a reliable MDM solution, there must be a single source of data truth to reliably fuel the MDM engine into downstream systems such as a marketing automation platform (MAP), CRM, ERP, etc. High-quality, trustworthy data is paramount for any well-founded MDM implementation program.


For many organizations, implementing an MDM solution is costly and time-consuming. When it comes to integrating APIs into an MDM environment, there are numerous technical challenges and hurdles to overcome. Developing software around APIs is a significant development effort by itself. Add to that the technological complexities surrounding an MDM integration, along with adequately comprehending the role of the underlying data, it’s easy to see how these MDM implementation projects can get dragged out over many months if not years.

That’s where D&B Direct for Informatica comes in. D&B Direct for Informatica is our plug-and-play connector made specifically for Informatica MDM, which allows clients to easily integrate the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud into their instance of Informatica MDM. This simple adapter, along with our data, makes the process of establishing a comprehensive MDM strategy a little less formidable.

By abstracting away the complexity of API development work, D&B Direct for Informatica has allowed our clients to significantly accelerate their time-to-value. As a result, clients have access to trustworthy data in a fraction of the time.

With D&B Direct for Informatica, clients can match and enrich their records with Dun & Bradstreet firmographic and hierarchy information. Many of our customers also use our data monitoring capabilities to ensure their MDM records are kept up to date and accurate at all times.

Just as organizations are becoming inundated with data, they are also struggling to find enough time and resources to implement critical and complicated initiatives like MDM. Pre-built integrations such as D&B Direct for Informatica are helping clients accelerate their data-driven transformation and dramatically accelerate the time-to-value of their MDM investment.

Informatica and Dun & Bradstreet recently co-hosted a webinar highlighting how D&B’s plug and play solution quickly and easily flows reliable data into Informatica MDM. Use the link below to watch a replay of the webinar and start transforming your business.

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