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How SourceMedia Strengthens Audience Targeting and Profiling

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Striving for Better Profiling and Targeting

Leading digital business information and performance media company leverages D&B Visitor Intelligence and Workbench Data Optimizer to identify anonymous web visitors, ensure data quality, and identify target subscribers

SourceMedia is a digital business information and performance media company serving senior-level professionals in the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors. Their portfolio includes many nationally-recognized brands like American Banker, PaymentsSource, and The Bond Buyer, with more than two million engaged subscribers.

We had three main goals. We wanted to find out if our data quality was in good shape, append new information about our existing subscribers, and find new subscribers in our Total Addressable Market that we didn’t have.
Marcus Witte, VP of Integrated Marketing Services, SourceMedia

With a subscriber database built on a foundation of 21 brands and nine communities, SourceMedia needed to make sense of the vast amount of audience data coming in from disparate sources. Without a way to manage data quality, the team couldn’t accurately profile audiences or target them for customer acquisition campaigns.


Prospective subscriber information was mainly captured via Marketo lead forms across all gated content pages. Both known and unknown user information were connected to Lytics, a customer data platform, for segmentation and defining audience targets.

The Challenge

Marcus’s team used email marketing and social advertising as the primary channels to promote two-week trials, which would then convert to paid subscriptions. Target audiences were identified based on content with high engagement as shown by Lytics and SimpleReach. This targeting approach focused on what audiences were interested in, with limited insight into who those audiences were.

We had this idea of who our ideal customer was: people at a certain level who work at banks, for instance. We could go to various vendors and get close to those people representing that universe. D&B Visitor Intelligence has helped us unlock the true profile of our anonymous site visitors, which is something we haven’t been able to do before.
Marcus Witte, VP of Integrated Marketing Services, SourceMedia

Contact details entered into Marketo forms weren’t always accurate – contributing to the data quality problem. Marcus also had limited insight into the visitors that weren’t filling in forms, or subscribing, but were actively engaged in content across digital properties. This only provided limited intelligence for the inside sales team to drive enterprise subscription packages and little feedback for the editorial team to base their content decisions on.


Sourcemedia Mar Tech Stack:

The Solution

The Audience Development team at SourceMedia used Dun & Bradstreet’s Workbench Data Optimizer and D&B Visitor Intelligence products to help solve their three main goals:

1. Maintain Data Quality/Integrity

With Workbench, the team could continually cleanse and maintain the quality of their subscriber database. An improved data management system helped eliminate any uncertainty about the profile of SourceMedia’s subscribers.

2. Append New Subscriber Information

Through the Workbench Marketo Enrichment Connector, the team kept the steady stream of prospective subscriber data complete and accurate by cleansing and enriching fields such as first name, last name, and company name. This helped keep Marketo and Lytics data clean, while also enriching incoming data with new firmographic details to improve segmentation.

3. Find New Subscribers in Total Addressable Market

Deploying the D&B Visitor Intelligence solution across 16 publication websites helped identify firmographic details such as company name, Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S®Number, industry, job function, and seniority of anonymous web traffic. This information was fed directly into Lytics to inform better segmentation, while also serving as an attribution tool to validate that email and social advertising campaigns were driving the right audience traffic.

We always assumed people coming to our site were appropriate to our brand. What D&B Visitor Intelligence has helped with is to identify whether we are attracting the right people to site and understand whether we can monetize them.
Marcus Witte, VP of Integrated Marketing Services, SourceMedia

The team also utilized Workbench’s Target functionality to find new contact email addresses at companies identified by D&B Visitor Intelligence. These net new contacts were sent to the inside sales team to proactively drive enterprise subscription packages from in-market and engaged audiences that were actively browsing SourceMedia’s digital properties.


The Results

  • Over the course of a year, close to ten million records were cleansed and enriched which equates to a quarterly cadence of actively monitoring data health.

  • Approximately 1.9 million records were processed through Workbench’s Marketo connector, with 900,000 of those records being matched (47%) within the Dun & Bradstreet database and enriched with firmographic details.

  • Across the 16 websites where D&B Visitor Intelligence was deployed, the team saw a 40% match rate to all anonymous site visitors, with one website seeing a match rate as high as 83%.

  • 785,000 new contact emails were acquired in a span of three months through Workbench’s Target functionality and engaged audiences identified by D&B Visitor Intelligence.

  • The team plans on providing D&B Visitor Intelligence firmographic data to SourceMedia’s editorial team to improve decision-making and deliver targeted content to increase audience engagement.

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