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Social Media and the Data Management Platform

Are your social media marketing efforts driven by audience data and delivering the most relevant messages to prospects and customers?

Social media has become a critical marketing avenue for brands. Industry leaders are already using data-driven marketing with social to maximize the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns.

This white paper from Dun & Bradstreet partner Oracle provides real-world examples and performance metrics from companies who have been successful utilizing data to reach customers and prospects through social media.

Social media conversations can lift brand exposure and relevance, and drive loyalty and advocacy. Social needs to be a part of your multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure consistency and relevancy to your target audience. The information produced on social media platforms, such as Facebook Likes and Foursquare Check-ins, can also help brands identify their best prospects and serve existing customers better. However, this data is often unstructured and needs to be integrated with other, structured information for maximum effectiveness and inclusion in multi-channel activities.

Use the best practices and examples provided in this white paper to improve your marketing success rates and build profitable, long-term relationships with customers.

The Oracle Marketing Cloud Data Management Platform, which offers Dun & Bradstreet data, provides marketers with the ability to combine 1st and 3rd party information, audience analytics and modeling partners to power campaigns on social media. Successful initiatives include ad retargeting, audience targeting through “look-alike” models, and site optimization based on social data or triggers. Companies utilizing these methods have improved engagement rates more than 5x, lowered the cost of acquiring customers by up to 50% and improved prospecting efficiency.

Social Media and the Data Management Platform

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