Reimagining the Power of Data in the Cloud with Microsoft

Real-Time Data Fuels Growth-Driven Endeavors

Businesses are drowning in data – data that often is outdated, inaccurate, and at times overflowing with such high volume that managing it effectively becomes nearly impossible. This data deluge becomes even more acute when you consider the fact that customers are engaging with companies across many different touchpoints – both online and offline. In a complex and dynamic global marketplace, having accurate data at your fingertips is the essential first step to growth. And as such, businesses are demanding access to more intelligent, real-time data to fuel their growth-driven endeavors.

That’s why Dun & Bradstreet is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Microsoft Corporation. Through this partnership, we will deliver real-time, actionable data powered by the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, which will help businesses across the globe make critical business decisions through Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and Dynamics 365 platform. 

Why Microsoft?

Over the past four years, we’ve taken significant steps to transform and modernize by investing in our data and analytics to ensure they are the most up-to-date, powerful insights available to our customers. Our partnership with Microsoft is the next step in offering more of our products and solutions in the cloud through data-as-a-service offerings.

We all know that access to quality data is becoming increasingly more important as the interoperability between various vendors and technologies continues to grow. This is why our ability to have our data natively integrated into the various platforms our customers use will be a tremendous benefit. For instance, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform will help us meet our customers’ demands for real-time connectivity to their global business ecosystem by enabling us to update and scale faster, and tremendously increase velocity and timeliness for customers that rely on our data to identify new business opportunities.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

Today, time is a luxury. To keep pace, companies need to be smart, agile, and decisive. The key factor in making informed business decisions is actionable data. Actionable data is real-time, accurate, and delivered where you want it and when you need it. It enables companies to be confident in the decisions they make across all functions of their organizations.

Existing Dun & Bradstreet customers who are also Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers will benefit from having our database of hundreds of millions of business records from 30,000 sources in 190 countries, updated 5 million times a day, integrated directly into their CRM. This integration will streamline their ability to access information in a way that saves a significant amount of time, improves productivity, and optimizes their ability to identify new opportunities for growth.

“By partnering strategically with Microsoft, we can take advantage of the scale and speed of cloud-based technologies, accelerate our innovation, and power seamless access to our data and insights,” says former Dun & Bradstreet President and Chief Operating Officer Josh Peirez. “By delivering our content through the cloud, our customers will better discover – and grow – their most valuable business relationships.”

We are committed to innovating solutions for our customers and to delivering quality data and insights within the applications they use every day. The new D&B Optimizer for Microsoft is now available!

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