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5 Ways to Help Get Your Small Business Found

It can be hard for small businesses to compete against larger corporations for buyers' attention, especially with how much mass marketing is completed daily. After all, big businesses have more resources and money to market their brand-and more strategic power to figure out how to cut through the marketing and content clutter.

Thanks to digital marketing, however, it's become increasingly easier for small businesses to spread brand awareness as the barrier to entry with regards to marketing budgets has been lowered. Whether it's through paid advertising, content marketing, or email marketing, small businesses are finally getting noticed in a big way.

In fact, small businesses are seeing such incredible potential for value and opportunity in digital marketing that they are investing more in this strategy. According to research from Thrive Analytics, 31% of businesses are willing to increase their budgets and invest in digital solutions.

Digital marketing has helped small businesses get noticed in a big way.
Tracey Panek, Marketing Manager

So how can small businesses compete with larger businesses for the attention of buyers? Below are five marketing strategies that will help get your small business found:

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-conscious and effective way to engage with buyers. Not only are you reaching out to consumers through their preferred communications medium (who isn't checking email all day long?), but you're also helping to build direct relationships with buyers through compelling email copy. In addition to engaging new prospects, email marketing can be used to nurture relationships with existing customers as you can leverage segmented messaging to send different emails to different sectors of your database.


2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another must-have marketing tool for today's small businesses. These fledgling companies can use platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to share content and spread brand awareness- without affecting their bottom line. For instance, brands can pose questions to their market, highlight a new service offering, or share a customer testimony. Social media is also a great tool for finding data about your consumers. Analyzing social chatter can give you valuable insights into your consumers' wants and needs and current market conditions.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, or the process of identifying and targeting individuals with influence over potential buyers, is a marketing strategy that not many small businesses use. However, those who tap into their influencers may grow their sales base overnight. These brand proponents can spread the word about your brand on their own terms and help grow your marketing and sales presence immediately.

4. Search Engine Marketing

If you really want your business to get found, then investing in a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy may help. The majority of buyers start their search for a product or solution on Google or Bing. In fact, 89% of consumers turn to a search engine to find information on products, services, or businesses prior to making a purchase, according to research from Fleishman-Hillard. SEM tactics like pay-per-click advertising and Google Adwords help to increase your rankings on search engine pages which, in turn, can help get your business in front of more consumers.

5. Content Marketing

Lastly, content marketing, or publishing articles or blog posts to attract leads, is another effective marketing strategy that can help businesses engage their audience, foster trust, and establish industry expertise. According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, 94% of B2B small business marketers use content marketing, and 75% of marketers are producing more content than they did one year ago. In other words, there can be a wealth of benefits to uncover by leveraging this tactic.

Keeping a small business afloat is difficult enough, but trying to compete with large organizations for a small pool of consumers is even harder. Use the five marketing strategies above to help get your brand in front of buyers and help ensure that they remain engaged.



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