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eBook: The 8-Ball of Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Finance

A tool for finance leaders who long to unify disparate customer data with financial and strategic ROI

If you’ve found yourself sweating in a smoky billiard room, wondering about what role customer data should play in finance—as well as in your company’s long-term strategy—this eBook will help you hone your pool shark skills.

Read on if...

  • You wonder why the word “segmentation” means apples to your marketing colleagues and oranges to you.
  • You think there might be a better way to use data to link your finance and sales teams together.
  • You ask, “How can I find the best ROI on our customer onboarding and support infrastructure?”

Inside, you’ll find insights about….

  • How to identify patterns in your customer portfolio, and why it matters.
  • Avoiding four critical data billiard blunders.
  • Key questions to ask while you’re segmenting your data.
  • How to tell if your portfolio segmentation strategy is working with the right reporting.

This eBook will help you navigate the crowded billiard room of customer data and how you can use it to drive cross-functional value for your team.

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eBook: The 8-Ball of Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Finance
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