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Analytics brings competitive advantages to many business functions: salespeople are informed when a prospect is poised to buy, procurement officers are alerted to hidden sourcing risks, and executives can make sound decisions about budgets based on demand and predictive analysis. Many industries have already integrated analytics into critical business functions like finance, sales, and marketing, while other organizations are just beginning to understand the potential benefits for their businesses.

With ever-increasing connectivity, cloud-based computing, and the ability to track customer behavior in minute detail, the pace of change in business analytics can feel overwhelming. Analytics professionals need to stay up-to-date on tools, processes, and regulations governing data use. We dive deep into topics that matter, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and natural language processing. The D&B Analytics Perspectives section provides the latest news on business and predictive analytics from writers who work with data every day and understand the real-world challenges facing the analytics universe.