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Create a trusted view of the companies you work with to grow and protect your business.

Trust the world's most credible and comprehensive source of commercial data

Discover the Value of Your Business Relationships

For over 175 years, we've been passionate about helping our customers grow and protect their businesses through data-inspired decisions. We are proud to offer our customers the world's most comprehensive and trusted commercial data. Data that has been collected, verified and derived with our long-standing and patented DUNSRight process. Data with which we continue to create innovative analytic models.

Anchoring all records in our database of 300 million commercial entities and 100 million associated contacts is the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, a unique 9-digit business identifier that is the foundation and structure of our data. With the D-U-N-S Number, we can connect entities to create corporate hierarchies and identify business linkages. By enabling correct associations, we help you see the connections between and the value behind your business relationships.

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There's more than one way to use our data and discover value. You can:

  • Access our data directly through our analytical applications, which address specific business purposes, such as sales and marketing, trade credit, and supply and compliance alignment
  • Enhance your own data with ours for either application data management (e.g. CRM) or file-based projects
  • Connect our data to your internal applications through our APIs
  • Synchronize customer, prospects or supplier data between departments, or across the enterprise using our data as a foundation of pre-mastered global commercial content
  • Jump start and fuel an enterprise-wide Master Data Management (otherwise known as MDM) program with our same foundation of pre-mastered global commercial content, speeding time-to-value of your MDM initiative

Substantial Benefits for Today's Data-Inspired Leaders

Stakeholders in 90% of the Fortune 500™ and companies of every size around the world rely on Dun & Bradstreet to help grow and protect their businesses:

  • Improve data integration times by up to 30%
  • Increase campaign conversion rates up to 12%, improved campaign performance up to 15%, and enhanced targeting effectiveness by up to 30%
  • Reduce outstanding sales timeframes by up to five days
  • Lower supply chain risk up to 30%, reduced costs of certifying new vendors by up to 15% and reduced due diligence time by up to 50%
accelerating customer due dilligance

Rely on Our Unrivaled Expertise

Our systems and databases are powered by over 30,000 global data sources and are updated 5 million times per day, resulting in the world's largest commercial database, which you can use to improve business processes and make profitable decisions. Data segments include:

  • credit scores and rating
  • over 1B trade experiences
  • 3M corporate family trees
  • banking data
  • firmographics
  • social signals
  • business registrations
  • relevant contacts

As experts, we also focus on the privacy and security of the data, while still ensuring that we are able to meet your exacting needs. We're also constantly expanding partnerships with both global data sources and leading technology providers to deliver our best-in-class data into the core platforms at the heart of modern enterprises like yours.

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