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Supporting Our Communities Around the Globe in 2015

Growing valuable relationships in the community

It’s what we aim to do every day, whether working with our customers and partners, creating a positive work experience for our employees, or connecting with the people and communities that support us and depend on us..

In honor of our commitment to growing these relationships, and in the spirit of being inherently generous, Dun & Bradstreet modernized its corporate social responsibility program. Through our Do Good program, each employee receives two days of paid time off each year to volunteer for the cause of his or her own choice. We also offer volunteer opportunities across the globe for our people to give their time to, either through company-organized programs, or through grassroots, employee-led programs for those passionate about championing a cause.

Do Good Week

To celebrate our 174th anniversary on July 20, 2015, we started Do Good Week, an annual week of giving, as a way to contribute to the communities where we live and work.


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At Dun & Bradstreet, growing valuable relationships in the community sits at the heart of our new values: data inspired, relentlessly curious and inherently generous.

See how D&B is growing valuable relationships in the community in 2015.