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Ilio Krumins-Beens Picture
Ilio Krumins-Beens
Global Head of PMO



Q: As the Global Head of PMO, what do you do?
A: My team is focused on three areas: one is that we’re trying to transform Dun & Bradstreet to a lean-agile organization. That means that we can work to deliver value incrementally when we’re building solutions for our customers. The second area is changing the way that the organization works. We want to link strategy to in-flight work. So we use OKRs (objectives and key results) to help facilitate that process. The third area is tracking and helping teams deliver on individual projects within the Content, Technology, and Analytics space.

Q: Why did you choose Dun & Bradstreet?
A: There were two things that stood out to me when I was considering Dun & Bradstreet against other competitors. The first were the core values. I love the idea of being at a company that is data inspired, and where employees are inherently generous and relentlessly curious. Secondly, I was choosing between start-ups and other companies that have been around for a longer period of time. I felt like I could make a bigger impact given Dun & Bradstreet’s broad reach by working here.

Q: What do you look for when hiring talent?
A: When I think about bringing people into my team, I really look for people who are going to be change agents within the organization. I want to bring in talented, smart, passionate people who want to make a difference where they work. I also look for people who I think are ready to challenge me; my barometer is, “Do I feel like this person can teach me something?”

Q: Describe the vibe of your team.
A: I have a great team of people who are really interested in changing the organization and who are extremely passionate about their views. What that creates is a situation where we’re constantly trying to find alignment on what the most important things to work on are. We have good, healthy debates about how we want to attack certain problems, and I think that’s a sign of a good team with trust. We also try to inject fun in our daily standups and meetings. We celebrate our successes, but also our failures, by taking a look at what we learned and how can we apply those learnings to become a better team.

Q: How is D&B's approach to lean/agile different or unique?
A: At Dun & Bradstreet, we’re trying to make the entire organization lean and agile, not just our technology teams. We want to transform the larger business. As a result, we have lean pilots that involve sales, compliance, legal, and a bunch of other organizations. We’re trying to make, from end-to-end, the whole organization work more efficiently in developing high value, high quality, and innovative solutions for our customers.

Q: What fires you up in the morning to get to work?
A: The thing that fires me up in the morning, and that gets me excited to come to work, is the opportunity to work at a company like Dun & Bradstreet, that’s been around for 175 years, and to transform this into an organization that’s going to be around for the next 175 years.