Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Carriers Industry
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This U.S. industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating and/or providing access to transmission facilities and infrastructure that they own and/or lease for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound, and video using wired telecommunications networks. Transmission facilities may be based on a single technology or a combination of technologies. Establishments in this industry use the wired telecommunications network facilities that they operate to provide a variety of services, such as wired telephony services, including VoIP services; wired (cable) audio and video programming distribution; and wired broadband Internet services. By exception, establishments providing satellite television distribution services using facilities and infrastructure that they operate are included in this industry.

Industry Activities

Cable program distribution operators
Cable television distribution services
Cable TV providers (except networks)
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) services
Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) services

Geographic Segmentation

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Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Carriers Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Carriers Companies:
7.533327116705E9M | Bangladesh
171760M | United States
128292M | United States
119444.548369M | Germany
68397M | United States
59243.822209M | China
50496.253495M | Japan
49478.629185M | Japan
48088M | United States
48088M | United States
42061.61547M | Japan
Movers And Shakers
Wahidul Haque Siddiqui, Chairperson at BDCOM ONLINE LTD.
John T Stankey, President and Chief Executive Officer at AT&T Inc.
Hans E Vestberg, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Verizon Communications Inc.
Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Telekom AG
G Michael Sievert, President and Chief Executive Officer at T-Mobile Us, Inc.

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