Ship and Boat Building Industry
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This industry group comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating shipyards or boat yards (i.e., ship or boat manufacturing facilities). Shipyards are fixed facilities with drydocks and fabrication equipment capable of building a ship, defined as watercraft typically suitable or intended for other than personal or recreational use. Boats are defined as watercraft typically suitable or intended for personal use. Activities of shipyards include the construction of ships, their repair, conversion and alteration, production of prefabricated ship and barge sections, and specialized services, such as ship scaling.

Industry Activities

Barge building
Cargo ship building
Container ship building
Dredge building
Drilling and production platforms, floating, oil and gas, building

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Ship and Boat Building industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Ship and Boat Building Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Ship and Boat Building Companies:
37925.0M | United States
35167.98673M | Japan
14148.05943M | Japan
13353.677568M | Republic Of Korea
13170.206416M | Australia
9361.0M | United States
8393.206428M | China
8070.362825M | Japan
7447.56096M | Republic Of Korea
6276.606255M | Australia

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