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Industries in the Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries subsector group establishments involved in the production and distribution of motion pictures and sound recordings. While producers and distributors of motion pictures and sound recordings issue works for sale as traditional publishers do, the processes are sufficiently different to warrant placing establishments engaged in these activities in a separate subsector. Production is typically a complex process that involves several distinct types of establishments that are engaged in activities, such as contracting with performers, creating the film or sound content, and providing technical postproduction services. Film distribution is often to exhibitors, such as theaters and broadcasters, rather than through the wholesale and retail distribution chain. When the product is in a mass-produced form, NAICS treats production and distribution as the major economic activity as it does in the Publishing Industries (except Internet) subsector, rather than as a subsidiary activity to the manufacture of such products. This subsector does not include establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of video and sound recordings, such as compact discs and audio tapes; these establishments are included in the Wholesale Trade sector. Reproduction of video and sound recordings that is carried out separately from establishments engaged in production and distribution is treated in NAICS as a manufacturing activity.

Industry Activities

Animated cartoon production
Animated cartoon production and distribution
Commercials, television, production
Film studios producing films
Films, motion picture production

Geographic Segmentation

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Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries Companies:
$103,564.00M | United States
$46,658.29M | United States
$34,021.00M | United States
$31,271.00M | United States
$25,361.19M | United States
$22,775.66M | Canada
$21,268.67M | Australia
$20,446.51M | Germany
$18,622.67M | Singapore
$12,363.01M | United States
$10,042.92M | Japan
$8,007.01M | United States
Movers And Shakers
Brian L Roberts, Chairman of the Board and President and Chief Executive Officer at Comcast Corporation
Christine M Mccarthy, Senior Executive and Principal at Twdc Enterprises 18 Corp.
STEPHEN B BURKE, President and Chief Executive Officer at Nbcuniversal Media, LLC
John Stankey, Chief Executive Officer at Warner Media, LLC
SUMNER M REDSTONE, Chief Executive Officer at National Amusements, Inc.

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