Kidney Dialysis Centers Industry
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Industry Analysis


Companies in this industry provide outpatient kidney dialysis services. Major companies include US-based DaVita, Dialysis Clinic (DCI), and US Renal Care, along with Germany-based Fresenius Medical Care and B Braun Melsungen.

Competitive Landscape

Demand depends on the number of people who suffer from kidney disease. The profitability of individual companies is linked to efficient operations and good marketing. Large companies have economies of scale in administrative costs, which has driven consolidation in the industry. Small operators can compete successfully if they have centers in desirable locations or good relations with doctors who refer patients. The US industry is highly concentrated: the four largest companies account for about 85% of revenue.

Products, Operations & Technology

Advanced chronic kidney disease, also called end-stage renal disease (ESRD), involves irreversible loss of kidney function and requires regular dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant to sustain life. Scarcity of available donor kidneys limits the number of transplants, so most ESRD patients rely on dialysis treatments. Dialysis is not a cure but a blood-filtering process that prolongs life through the removal of toxic waste products and excess fluids from the body. ESRD patients must undergo dialysis for the rest of their lives.

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Kidney Dialysis Centers industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Top Kidney Dialysis Centers Companies:
11388.479M | United States
822.522M | United States
760.12M | United States
458.309149M | United States
380.156M | United States
326.927966M | United States
301.0M | United States
287.406971M | United States
274.739214M | United States
188.898528M | United States
174.764685M | United States
162.870985M | United States
158.422894M | United States
110.574634M | United States
99.214283M | United States
98.420842M | United States
91.288469M | United States
77.416569M | Singapore
75.551213M | United States
72.282921M | United States
70.120747M | United States
69.792703M | United States

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