Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Industry
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Companies in this industry manufacture gases, dyes and pigments, chlorine and caustic soda, sulfuric and nitric acids, and organic chemicals. Major companies include BASF (Germany), Dow (US), Formosa (Taiwan), Royal Dutch Shell (the Netherlands), Mitsubishi Chemicals (Japan), SABIC (Saudi Arabia), Sinopec (China), and TOTAL (France).

Competitive Landscape

Demand depends on the overall strength of the economy, because most industrial chemicals are used in the manufacture of more-complicated products like fibers, plastics, paints, and paper. The profitability of individual companies is closely linked to efficient operations, because most products are commodities. Big producers have large economies of scale in production, which is why some chemicals are made by just a handful of companies. Small companies can compete effectively by making specialized or highly-purified products.

Products, Operations & Technology

Industrial chemicals include gases like oxygen and nitrogen, dyes and pigments, chlorine and caustic soda, sulfuric and nitric acids, and thousands of organic chemicals. Unlike advanced chemicals that are manufactured through complicated chemical reactions, most industrial chemicals are made by extraction and purification from natural substances, including minerals, natural gas, petroleum, plants, air, and water. Oxygen and nitrogen gas are made by freezing air, phosphates from marine deposits, ethanol by fermenting corn, chlorine from salt water, and a large number of chemicals are made by boiling petroleum.

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Industrial Chemical Manufacturing industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Companies:
20187.380622M | Australia
20187.380622M | Australia
11437.0M | United States
8993.644632M | Brazil
8450.319752M | Republic Of Korea
8172.362559M | Switzerland
7688.711277M | Japan
7316.537569M | Japan
7235.789926M | Switzerland
6646.926M | Netherlands
6297.0M | United States
6110.0M | United States
5961.75158M | China
4936.360937M | China
4609.8M | United States
4515.375734M | United States
4168.253529M | France
3605.65052M | Italy
3304.331467M | United States
3158.73774M | France

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