Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers Industry
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This industry group comprises independent (i.e., freelance) individuals primarily engaged in performing in artistic productions, in creating artistic and cultural works or productions, or in providing technical expertise necessary for these productions. This industry also includes athletes and other celebrities exclusively engaged in endorsing products and making speeches or public appearances for which they receive a fee.

Industry Activities

Actors, independent
Actresses, independent
Animated cartoon artists, independent
Announcers, independent radio and television
Art restorers, independent

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers Companies:
$61,913.47M | United Kingdom
$32,377.00M | United Kingdom
$10,427.65M | United Kingdom
$7,929.43M | United Kingdom
$6,632.61M | Hong Kong
$6,592.41M | United Kingdom
$4,463.00M | United States
$3,418.88M | Australia
$3,418.88M | Australia
$3,410.50M | United Kingdom
Movers And Shakers
Laidi El Wardi, Director at BANQUE CHAABI DU MAROC
Richard Scott Blackley, Director at CAPITAL ONE SERVICES, LLC.
Jonathan Paul Mitchell, Director at VODAPHONE LIMITED
Veselin Bandev, Director at BOOKER GROUP LIMITED

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