Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Industry
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The Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction subsector comprises establishments whose primary activity is the construction of entire engineering projects (e.g., highways and dams), and specialty trade contractors, whose primary activity is the production of a specific component for such projects. Specialty trade contractors in the Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction subsector generally are performing activities that are specific to heavy and civil engineering construction projects and are not normally performed on buildings. The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance and repairs. Specialty trade activities are classified in this subsector if the skills and equipment present are specific to heavy or civil engineering construction projects. For example, specialized equipment is needed to paint lines on highways. This equipment is not normally used in building applications so the activity is classified in this subsector. Traffic signal installation, while specific to highways, uses much of the same skills and equipment that are needed for electrical work in building projects and is therefore classified in Subsector 238, Specialty Trade Contractors. Construction projects involving water resources (e.g., dredging and land drainage) and projects involving open space improvement (e.g., parks and trails) are included in this subsector. Establishments whose primary activity is the subdivision of land into individual building lots usually perform various additional site-improvement activities (e.g., road building and utility line installation) and are included in this subsector. Establishments in this subsector are classified based on the types of structures that they construct. This classification reflects variations in the requirements of the underlying production processes.

Industry Activities

Aqueduct construction
Artesian well construction
Capping of water wells
Construction management, water and sewage treatment plant
Construction management, water and sewer line

Geographic Segmentation

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Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Companies:
2.6850737676E8M | Morocco
653433.6M | United Arab Emirates
77066.695888M | Hong Kong
70322.174936M | Hong Kong
69289.95481M | China
69289.95481M | China
Movers And Shakers
Fakruddin Amin, Chief Executive Officer at PROFEN GENERAL TRADING (L.L.C)
Naixiang Zhou, Legal Representative at China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited
Alexander Stroppa, Managing Director at Hilti & Jehle GmbH

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