Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services Industry
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Industry Analysis


Companies in this industry gather, interpret, and map geophysical data. Major companies include ION Geophysical, Global Geophysical Services, and NuTech Energy Alliance (all based in the US), as well as TGS-NOPEC and Petroleum Geo-Services (both based in Norway), WesternGeco (the UK), and Logan International (Canada).

Competitive Landscape

Demand is driven by oil and gas exploration activity. The profitability of individual companies depends on their ability to maintain a steady flow of contract work. Large companies enjoy economies of scale in purchasing and administration, as well as the ability to serve major clients from multiple locations. Small companies can compete by specializing in a specific geography or survey type. The industry is highly concentrated: the 50 largest companies account for about 90% of revenue.

Products, Operations & Technology

Major services include geophysical data collection (about 50% of industry revenue), geophysical data sales (about 20%), and integrated geophysical services (about 15%).

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Top Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services Companies:
540.509153M | Japan
495.7236M | Japan
489.606106M | Japan
284.022M | United Arab Emirates
263.193912M | Australia
263.193912M | Australia
262.741036M | United Kingdom
260.089878M | United Kingdom
242.488M | Turkmenistan
229.429703M | United Kingdom
200.433501M | Japan
196.767305M | Australia

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