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Industries in the Fishing, Hunting and Trapping subsector harvest fish and other wild animals from their natural habitats and are dependent upon a continued supply of the natural resource. The harvesting of fish is the predominant economic activity of this subsector and it usually requires specialized vessels that, by the nature of their size, configuration and equipment, are not suitable for any other type of production, such as transportation. Hunting and trapping activities utilize a wide variety of production processes and are classified in the same subsector as fishing because the availability of resources and the constraints imposed, such as conservation requirements and proper habitat maintenance, are similar.

Industry Activities

Anchovy fishing
Bluefish fishing
Cod catching
Cod fishing
Croaker fishing

Geographic Segmentation

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Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Companies:
$16,894.97M | United Kingdom
$6,239.95M | Japan
$5,247.91M | Russian Federation
$2,560.17M | Republic Of Korea
$1,939.05M | Russian Federation
$1,833.11M | Russian Federation
$1,500.95M | Republic Of Korea
$1,054.03M | Russian Federation
$998.66M | Singapore
$962.42M | United Kingdom
$943.55M | Russian Federation
Movers And Shakers
Arthur Stewart Williamson, Director at RESEARCH FISHING CO. LIMITED
Pavel Vladimirovich Shilyaev, Director-General at MMK, PAO
Myeong Woo Lee, President at DONGWON INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.
Airat Foatovich Safin, Director-General at NIZHNEKAMSKNEFTEKHIM, PAO

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