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161857.0M | United States
280522.0M | United States
260174.0M | United States
298756.0M | United Kingdom
13627.191329M | United States
225382.0M | United States
394554.53455M | China
191600.369012M | Germany
164046.696844M | Netherlands
290212.0M | United States
78708.430935M | Russian Federation
137237.0M | United States
87717.0M | United Kingdom
351.097M | United States
39408.42194M | United States
92007.933458M | Switzerland
36395.718M | United States
388379.0M | United Kingdom
57199.695812M | Switzerland
151299.10056M | Republic Of Korea
87481.70905M | China
272665.868301M | Japan
242155.0M | United States
270006.067274M | Germany
514405.0M | United States

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