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Dun & Bradstreet and SugarCRMDun & Bradstreet provides business content integrated within Sugar to help you and your customers increase growth, sales velocity, and ROI

Clean Foundational Data

Build an accurate picture of company details, industry information and business contacts to improve prospecting and targeting.
Corporate linkage information helps to identify new opportunities and "look alike" prospects for more efficient sales efforts.
Integrated business information where you need it in your CRM.

Find New Prospects

Sugar CRM Interface screenshot 1. Sugar CRM is a valued partner of D&B

Search within the Sugar interface to find new prospects, then click to integrate into new Account.

Enrich Account Information with a Click

Sugar CRM Interface screenshot 2. Sugar CRM is a valued partner of D&B

Add a list of competitors, corporate family members, financial or industry information to assist you in planning your campaign.

Add Contacts to Fill Out Your Account Plan

Sugar CRM Interface screenshot 3. Sugar CRM is a valued partner of D&B

Find the right contacts in the right department, then click to add business contact details to the account record. (Illustrative names obscured in this screen.)

D&B for Sugar. Transform how you Sell, Market and Serve Customers

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