Contact Data Transparency

Our professional contact data practices and processing

Our commitment to Global Data Transparency 

At Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), we focus on helping to bring businesses together by providing insights about economic opportunities and risks, including contact data about decision-makers and other people who represent businesses of all sizes across industries around the world.  As a responsible data steward, we strive to balance our commercial obligations and responsibilities with respect for the interests of the businesses and people about whom we process data.  

This global Professional Contact Data Transparency Statement supports our commitment to transparency about our data practices and processing.  It complements our Privacy Notices, which include additional required information and disclosures under applicable laws.  

Our Professional Contact Data

D&B Professional Contact Data provides insights for our customers, who license this information for their business-to-business marketing, sales, business development, and other professional purposes.  D&B sales, marketing, and other commercial teams in some countries may also use the Professional Contact Data subject to the same terms and conditions that apply to our customers.  Our Professional Contact Data includes the following data elements about each Professional Contact as well as other information about the individual’s employer or other business entity that the individual represents.

  • First Name
  • last Name
  • Job Level
  • Title
  • Social Media Links and URLs
  • Employer or Business Name
  • Other Professional Roles
  • Office Telephone Number
  • Professional Email Address
  • Mobile Telephone Number
  • Business Postal Address
  • Professional Fax Number

Our approach to providing Professional Contact Data is rooted in our overall commitment to helping to bring businesses together, so we organize Professional Contact Data by business entities and corporate families. We also make certain Professional Contact Data searchable at an individual level in our proprietary solutions that we license to our customers, such as D&B Hoovers, as well as in our publicly available Contact Directory. Our search functionality helps our customers and users find specific Professional Contacts that may be interested in engaging with them.

In addition to licensing Professional Contact Data to our customers, Dun & Bradstreet uses its Professional Contact Data for its own commercial and marketing purposes, which are described further in our Privacy Notices.

Our Data Sources, Quality and Retention

We source our Professional Contact Data in our D&B Data Cloud from over 2000 commercial and public data sources, including public web sites, our partners, other third-party data providers, and direct collection through websites and online tools.  We also model professional contact data, which means that we predict some data based on formatting parameters associated with a person’s business or other professional affiliation, where permitted by law. These formatting parameters are based on information we know about a business that we have acquired from various sources, such as websites and directories.

We strive to maintain the quality and accuracy of our professional contact data through standardization, validation, cleansing, and matching steps, including verification of email addresses and phone numbers as well as updates we receive directly from the businesses and professional contacts in our Data Cloud.  We validate email addresses at the mail server and individual email address level on a quarterly basis, and we validate phone numbers by testing their connectivity at least twice annually.   

D&B retains verified Professional Contact Data for as long as it has utility within the solutions we license to customers.  We regularly refresh the majority of our Professional Contact data at least quarterly, and some data is refreshed monthly or weekly.  When we receive new data from one of our data sources, we evaluate whether it can be matched to our existing Professional Contact Data and whether it can be used to improve our existing records.  We also may remove, adjust, correct, or append Professional Contact Data from our solutions at the request of the individuals and businesses to whom the data relate, and we may restrict its use based on our commitment to honoring the preferences of the people about whom we process the data and as required by laws that apply to us.  

Professional Contact Data Use Restrictions and Preference Management

As part of our commitment to Data Compliance and Ethics, D&B recognizes that laws and regulations around the world restrict certain uses of our Professional Contact Data.  While every customer and user of our Professional Contact Data is responsible for their own compliance in using the data, D&B helps support compliance and appropriate use of this data by including Built-In Compliance Insights based on the business address location of each Professional Contact.

We also understand that everyone has unique preferences about the kinds of communications they wish to receive.  We aim to provide options for individuals to indicate their preferences and exercise their privacy and data rights based on the laws that apply to them and the uses of data about them.  More information about how to manage your own individual rights and preferences is available in our Privacy Notices. You may also contact us with questions.

Privacy Notices

While our Professional Contact Data Transparency Statement applies to our business globally, we provide Privacy Notices at the country and market level to ensure compliance with the unique information and disclosure obligations we have in each country.  Please click on the link to your country below for more details, including how to exercise your data and privacy rights.  Note that countries that reference WWN below are part of the D&B Worldwide Network.

Contact Us with Questions

If you have questions about this Transparency Statement, you may contact D&B Global Compliance & Ethics.